Become invulnerable online.

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of companies have been a victim of cyberfraud attempts.

945 Md$

of financial loses caused by cybercrime, for 2020 only.


of French citizens declare having faced a cyberthreat.

Take full advantage of the potential of the internet without fear.
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Through its technological innovations and a digital identity-centered approach, OWNR Network pushes the boundaries of cyber protection for individuals and organisations with collaborative and highly effective solutions against the most devastating threats.

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ZeroRisk.ID certification, a universal guarantee of trust.

As faking it to make it is not enough, the ZeroRisk.ID free certification eliminates doubt and brings to online exchanges the foundations of mutual, robust and long-lasting trust.

Fakescore : detecting identity fraud with artifical intelligence !

Fakescore is the first artificial intelligence available to everyone capable of measuring the authenticity of digital identities. Free and easy to use, it enables you to determine in a blink of an eye whether or not the person you are talking to has impersonated its identity.

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OXS Cloud, the 360° protection against cyber scams!

OXS Cloud brings together our innovations to form a collaborative, 100% cloud-based protective barrier that is highly effective against identity fraud-based threats (78% of the global threat).

Our mission : bring serenity to your digital life.

The explosion and overwhelming presence of cybercrime inevitably impact our digital activities and force us to be ever more cautious and restrained. Our mission at OWNR Network is to reverse this trend by relying on cutting-edge technological innovations, and therefore enable you to take full advantage of the Internet without any constraints!

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